Marinated labne and pita  5

Roasted pistachios  5

Pickled vegetables  7

Green olives filled with labne  7

Fried okra, cumin, lemon  8

Truffle, egg & cheese borek 10


Cauliflower, tahini, paprika  15

Hummus, mushrooms, pine nuts  17

Fish taratoor, nuts, pickled grapes 17

Quail, freekeh, pomegranate 19


Brussels sprouts, labne, chilli butter  15

Murray cod, cabbage, tahini  33

Beef, cucumber, toum, yoghurt  35


Saffron pilaf, potato tag deegh  9

Cos lettuce, tabbouleh, anchovy 10

Extra pita  2


Cheese mamool, fig & sesame jam  10

Pineapple sorbet, arak, basil  8

  Rhubarb, pistachio, barazek 12



Bar Saracen Set Menu available for groups of four or more, $70 per person ask your waiter