Hundred Dollar Hummus at Bar Saracen.

To celebrate International Hummus Day on Monday May 13th, restaurant owners Joseph Abboud and Ari Vlassopoulos of Bar Saracen will be serving ‘Hundred Dollar Hummus’, a luxurious version of their signature dish.

Chef Tom Sarafian will be serving a truffled hummus topped with minced marron cooked in saffron butter and topped with Yarra Valley Caviar roe, with cooked to order Egyptian pita bread on the side.

Fans of this Middle Eastern dip can enjoy the Hundred Dollar Hummus from Tuesday, May 14th to Saturday May 18th at Bar Saracen, 22 Punch Lane, Melbourne, 3000.

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Abboud

Venue Owner, Bar Saracen

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